The Domino Effect and Why 2 is Proven to Lose

The Domino Effect and Why 2 is Proven to Lose

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Reading The ONE Thing showed me why my time is valuable. It tells the importance of making each action tethered to my primary goal. For the dominoes to start falling, I’d have to realize it starts with recognizing my one action. I learned why staying focused on ONE thing leads to the best results. Thanks to the Domino Effect, cutting out the chatter often associated with too many goals makes completing one goal much easier.

The Domino Effect

Before I jump into the ONE Thing, what is the Domino Effect and why does it matter? The Domino Effect is the good ole’ one small action leads to a slightly bigger one, and so and so forth. The book however stresses that we make these choices half-dedicated and that’s our biggest flaw.

Without One Priority, We Have None

Well, you see, forgetting your priorities is something all of us do. “What! I never, I always remember to…” Before you go down that road, block my blog, and shame my name hear me out. We all forget priorities because as this book shows not setting ONE priority makes completing this and reaching excellence for ten near impossible. We end up being a pile of dominoes.

The Domino Effect and Why 2 is Proven to Lose

Instead, Line Up the Dominoes

Here’s where the dominoes start to fall. Instead of being like the above, you should take the time to maximize ONE thing, that’s what this whole book is about. Once you choose to take on one thing first, you start to line up your dominoes. Soon you’re knocking over massive, previously impossible, dominoes. Our goals are no different.

Why The Domino Effect Matters?

Let’s assume we decided to take on ONE thing as our primary focus, did we make the right choice? Yes, and here’s why – ever hear of the 80/20 rule? It’s this idea in business that 80% of our actions lead to 20% of our results and vice versa. So, when we sit down and stare at our one thing left on our To-Do what do we notice? That is our 20%. See, most of the items in our life, most of our rewards we have come from this one-fifth of our actions. If that’s true, why would we spend so much time on the things that don’t bring as much value?

Sidenote: the phrase ‘why does it matter’ may be one of my favorite questions to ask when debating, credits to my friend Sjora.

Purposeful Advantage of 80/20

Kick into motion, the Domino Effect, and the rest of our goals fall into place. But, just as How To Bullet Journal and Full Measure said, it is essential that we use intent in every one of our lists, actions, or plans. Our time is limited and if we’re not careful we can easily waste it on fifteen different projects, and that’s dangerous.

We Owe it to Our Goals

We can’t waste time not involving intent. We shouldn’t drive off our efforts and twiddle our thumbs when the ‘right’ choice is obvious. Choose the ONE option that best suits you, stick to it and work with it until it becomes a reality. In Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, we showed that only those that stick through can reach those masterful levels. You know, a minimum of 10,000 hours kind of people, do so using incredible levels of persistence on one thing.

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