Personal Development Is Easy with These 13 Books!

Personal Development Is Easy with These 13 Books!

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Incorporating personal development is necessary for your life! Why do I think that? Well, besides giving you the primary drive to improve, it helps you to structure your best life. This is the life full of your potentials, wishes, goals, and everything else you have time for! Often, this topic and those that surround it, get cut dry. We feel they’re nasty, repetitive, untrustworthy, even bland, but this isn’t always so! To prove that, here are thirteen of the books I’ve read last year that show why a life with personal development is a life worth living!

Let’s Set up a Few Things

Before I get into the nitty and gritty about personal development, let’s mention the primary goal! How do you structure a personal development plan? What are some of the best tools for incorporating more personal development and growth into your life? Will reading actually help you accomplish these goals?

How Do You Build a Personal Development Plan?

Making a personal development plan may seem daunting; even, something that you’re not comfortable with, but believe me, it’s easier than you think. The adage, ‘practice makes perfect’ is especially true here. I’ll talk about some of the tried and true methods mentioned in the books later on, but for now, it’s more important to recognize that this power is within. That power being how you plan out your life!

Point One: Start Small, Build Up

Let’s say your goals are more significant than life itself. How do you make them happen? Start small. When you plan things out piece by piece, you’ll see they are far more achievable. Take the motivation to study for example, on its’ own; it’s scary. You have to convince yourself to read for hours, blah. That’s not fun, that’s not small, and that isn’t going to happen. Instead, start small and shoot for five minutes. Not only will you slam that goal, but you’ll keep going. Your motivation here is momentum. Momentum starts with small actions of high intent. Your personal development plan should be no different, so take advantage of momentum and win.

For more on the importance of starting small, see my post Attention to Detail. It covers why small actions pay off big!

What Are Some of the Best Tools for Personal Development?

Personal Development Is Easy with These 13 Books!

Start Reading! If you haven’t started this yet, you’re missing out! Reading not only encourages learning, but it also practices focus! It helps with this, and it helps with that. Don’t miss out on one of the most natural and most used methods for making a better you. But, assuming you’ve read this far and searched this up means you probably already do so.

Reading Isn’t the Only Tool in Your Kit

As mentioned before, personal development plans work wonders. These are great ways to set up your mind for progress and they help encourage continued motivation. It’s the free lunch in habit making, and all you have to do is make one. Simple as that! (Well, and actually doing it, but focus on one thing at a time here)

Curious about habits! See why the Power of Habits is such a terrific addition to your personal development collection!

Will Reading These Books Help?

I covered this briefly above, but it’s time to dive deeper. Reading on its own is nothing more than an activity. To some, it’s a relaxing way to spend their commute or their evening off work. For others, it’s the best way to learn a new activity or topic. Reading has the potential to be these and so much more. It’s one of the best outlets for creativity, having people who’ve dedicated their lives to mastering writing. Further, reading displays information (especially personal development) in a manner that is forward enough and in-depth enough to capture its importance.

The Books Cover More Than Just Personal Development

They range between marketing and the classic motivational read. How they all relate here is by providing some crucial piece for motivation. Possibly indirectly, but usually in a manner that allows for you, the reader, to utilize their concepts for your benefit. Enough dangling around the idea, time to list them. Shall we?

Your Future Personal Development Reading List

The Classics

Mentioned in this section are iconic books, ones that I deemed as ‘classics’. They include books that far exceed my age or have so much popularity that they are in a league of their own.

1. How to Own Your Mind

Very much a ‘success is in your head’ book; Napoleon Hill wastes no time to explain the importance of visualization. Visualization being the, “see it, believe it, live it” mantra. Throughout this book, he describes a step-by-step approach to taming your thoughts and building a personal development plan that works! For his credentials, go see how large his net worth was at the end of his life. I chose this as the first book because of its impact of shaping your perception. It allows the reader to direct their motivation in an useful and impactful way.

2. Psycho-Cybernetics

Along the path of visualization, we find this classic popular back in the ’60s. Written by Maxwell Maltz, we find Psycho-Cybernetics touting the importance of mental priming. Along the lines of Tony Robbins’ technique, mental priming has to do with planning and visualizing your best outcome to make it a reality. Maxwell Maltz shows just how crucial planning your life really is. A read for personal development planning and for creating a ‘win’ mindset.

3. Tools of Titans

Written by Tim Ferris, this massive motivational guide covers the most important lessons learns from the greats he met with. Tim interviews with people who have earned high levels of success in their respective fields. Each person fits into one of three categories: the wealthy, healthy, and wise. If you’re looking for a great place to see who has already done it and want to know how they live their life, then this is the book for you.

I already have written a post about this book! For more on why Tools of Titans is a fantastic addition, click here.

Change How the World Sees You

Moving on from the ‘classic’ reads to a broader approach; one that showcases how vital it is that you represent yourself well. Personal development often fits into this category and for good reason. How you are seen from the world will impact countless areas in it, and so, changing that for your benefit is an invaluable addition.

4. The ‘Like’ Switch

The ‘Like’ Switch gives an Ex-FBI agent’s account on how to win the trust of others. Using body language, voice cues, and many more subtle details, he explains how much power our body language holds. If you’re looking to improve your speech and sell yourself stronger, read this book.

5. How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships

Much more in the realm of “self-help”, How to Talk to Anyone provides a list of odd techniques to master your interactions. Ranging from the simple glance of the eyes to the more complex posture and practicing speech, this book has it all! I’d recommend looking more into this if you want to put your best foot forward in your workplace, relationships, and life in general. I mean hey! Personal development is the best way to do that isn’t it?

Change How You See the World

Prioritizing meditation and gratitude, how you see the world may be the single most important trait you can have. Why do I say that? For starters, it allows for your world, no matter where you’re from or what you’re doing, to always be the best that it can be.

6. Wherever You Go There You Are

Personal Development Is Easy with These 13 Books!

What’s to come with meditation? Why does it relate to personal development and your plan? A change in values, for one, and an explanation to yourself of what’s important. Definitely a larger claim to be made than some of the other mentions, Wherever You Go There You Are displays as I’d call them the ‘side effects’ of persistent meditation.

7. The Righteous Mind

The Righteous Mind challenges common ideas and morality. How does this relate to personal development you ask? Well to cite Tools of Titans, personal development is best done as a balancing act. Leaving out such important facets in life, like morality, makes for an incomplete person. The Righteous Mind informs the reader on why they act the way they do better than any. So, master your morals and you master your world.

8. The Mind Illuminated

Nearing Tools of Titans with the size of its content, The Mind Illuminated is my pick for best meditation guide. Meditation being a crucial meta-skill for personal development, this book does better than any other in mapping out a path for beginners. Immensely detailed and well-written, The Mind Illuminated makes adding meditation and personal development as easy as seven years of daily practice. Haha, but in all seriousness, it can be easier than that!

9. Man’s Search for Meaning

Man’s Search for Meaning depicts life as it was in the Holocaust for those who suffered from it. In lieu of what was an awful experience, Frankl explains what there was to gain from hell on Earth. He did so in a manner that captured my attention and heart. As for personal development, he shows the root of all motivations, our purpose or meaning. Without it, life seemingly loses its glow. Avoid this unless you are prepared for an emotional and life-changing read, one that caused great change in my life.

Understand How You Work

Your decisions matter. Often what matters even more is why we make them. See the inner workings of our habits and why we make the decisions we make.

10. The Power of Habit

Highlighting the importance of our habits, The Power of Habit reveals why each of our actions matter. Why and how we make every choice leads seamlessly into the next one. To see the value this has in marketing, personal development, research, and even cultural shifts read The Power of Habit.

For much more on why this book is wonderful and worth your time, see this post here!

11. HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Making Smart Decisions

As the name suggests, you would benefit from this is you’re making big business calls and decisions. If you’re not (like me and 99% of my readers), then you can benefit from the way they structure decisions. By piecing them together and recognizing common and dangerous traits, you’ll soon be in control of how you make decisions. This will have an impact in countless areas in your life and is the epitome of personal development application.

12. Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing

The only finance book you’ll find in this list, Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing shines a light on an area already too bright. Personal finance is important (and even more when you’re without it), and this is a great place to start on the path to financial freedom. Kiyosaki tells his story following his ‘rich’ dad and why his choices created a successful life.

13. The Bullet Journal Method

Personal Development Is Easy with These 13 Books!

Already mentioned in another post How To Bullet Journal, a bullet journal is an incredibly useful tool that you should add to your daily routine. Simply put, a “bullet journal” is any journal or notebook that follows the intent of your goals and mixes it with a structured guide. Incorporating intent (what your purpose is) and an efficient tool makes it more than easy to own your life. This is personal development applied to your morning and night routine.

For more great content on personal development click these links:

Thanks for Reading!

Without a doubt, this was my longest post; maybe even the most comprehensive post! As I’m writing this, I’m nearing 900 followers and I am very excited to be less than 100 from my goal of 1000 followers! Again, thank you so much for your support, interest in my content, and amazing input. Please comment, share, and show people you know!

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As always, have a great Sunday!

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