There are countless motivation books out there; ranging from the easy to stomach topics to the far outside of the norm. Instead of trying to rate them all, this section will take on finding the best of the best! 

What Kinds of Personal Development Books?

Whether those books listed are the conventional motivation guides from “gurus” across the world, or even if they are the ‘classic’ fiction novels with underlying motivational tones, each has value here. Domincusation will try to capture that essence and bring it to the forefront each week through these posts.

What is There to Gain

These books will help shine a light on different parts of life. In hopes to facilitate growth and an improved understanding of motivation. All of this on track to becoming a master of motivation; something that is available to each of us. Each book will either express innovative approaches or valuable information. It is the job of this blog to convey that message accurately and effectively.

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