Make Progress on Goals with 1 Powerful Step

Make Progress on Goals with 1 Powerful Step

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What is that 1 Powerful Step you might ask? How can you make progress better than you did before reading this? Big questions with even bigger pants to fill, but don’t worry, I promise to fill those. This week’s post takes a bit of an odd approach to solving To-Do lists and feeling more accomplished. Have you ever tried to persist almost haphazardly, diving deep into your goal before you have time to organize? Committing to a goal or task even before you have a plan in mind or a list on how to do it, even though the entire plan isn’t done. That’s haphazard success.

Make Progress

Before I get into the details about why committing quickly to something might bode better, let’s break it down. What does it mean to make progress on your To-Do list, especially if you don’t have the specifics jotted down? Before you cut out reading because this is a needless read, bear with me. Often this is something overlooked and assumed as evident, but if you’ve ever found yourself three weeks into a project wondering what to do, then you’ve missed out on this step.

Have Clear, Specific Goals in Mind

If you’re not careful, it’s more than easy to fall into this first trap. If you don’t prime your goals and mark down what needs to be done, you may feel disconnected from the results. Being detached from your results is going to leave you feeling empty and incomplete with the results. Let me explain, using the classic clean your room example.

Step One: Figure Out the Why

You want to clean your room. You’ve been feeling messy and having such a cluttered space is taking its toll on your psyche. No judgment, it happens to us all. This is completely normal. And sadly, what also happens most of the time is we don’t reap our rewards. There is this disconnect between how to feel better from cleaning your room and actually doing it, problem #1. It may seem like we make progress by throwing out clothing, but it also might be temporary. Recognizing why you’re doing it is even more important than actually working on it.

With the Why in Mind, Build

Once you’ve found out why you’re spending time on this at all, now you’re ready to make progress. Typically, we feel jotting down this massive To-Do list full of tasks is the right way to do this. The more detail, the more effective right? No, it’s quite the opposite. You see, when we spend too long preparing we never actually do, and doing is the whole point. I point out why choosing one thing is better than many in Time is Limited, Win Condition, and Over-Optimization.

Introducing the ‘Almost’ Haphazard Plan

You have the why in mind? Check. You know an idea of what you can do to satisfy that why? Check. Then do. Seem repetitive, I can imagine. This is the part where most people mistake planning for action. Applying those ideas to this, we can make a quicker approach, a one task approach.

Choose Your One Thing

As I’ll get to this weekend in my summary of The ONE Thing, take your why, apply the how, and pick one task to complete. Bingo, want to cut down some tasks, use those tools. Find the smallest action possible and note when you’re done with it. Often the reason people lose motivation to continue is because they forget how much they’ve done. Pay attention to the path behind you. Choosing one thing to beat at a time gives you a cookie crumb path to make progress. Now it’s easy to conquer your large list of To-Do’s and make it a much more reasonable Done.

Closing Thoughts

Make Progress on Goals with 1 Powerful Step

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