Improve Concentration with 3 Powerful Tools

Improve Concentration with 3 Powerful Tools

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First things first, what is concentration and why does it matter for you to spend long periods trying to improve it? Concentration has its roots in all aspects of your life. It makes it easier to focus on the good, on your work, or on your path. To improve concentration, you have to break down what it is you hope to accomplish with it and then you can see why it’s so valuable to grow.

Improve Concentration with Focus

Focus is your ability to concentrate. Your potential to sit down, cut out all of the other noise, and press your mind to the topic at hand. But, surely, everyone here knew that. So why would I bother explaining the distinction so much? Focus and concentration may seem like they are interchangeable. You may think they are inseparable pieces of the human mind, but they aren’t.

To Clear Up

Instead, imagine focus as an ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch. It’s the description of someone using concentration. Concentration is something that we can learn to do better, and improve through practice. To improve concentration or focus will cause the other to grow. Each will piggy-back off the other, making a linked chain of growth for your mind and your tasks. Seems nice right? How do we make that happen?

How to improve concentration

Now that I’ve spent quite a while breaking down each (maybe too long), let’s solve the problem, shall we? How do we build our ability to focus on the essentials? To make all of this possible takes a little dedication. But more than that, it takes a plan on how to improve concentration over anything else. Even recognizing what needs to shift can help growth occur.

Step One: Cut Out the Noise

Ever been in a fourth-grade classroom? There you are, looking around, only to see jumping kid after jumping kid. And each one of the students is biding for their own and your attention. That type of environment makes it difficult to read or write or do anything requiring concentration. How do you overcome this? Recognize where you are. Start by paying attention to the things that most often make you stray away from where you want to be. If you want to know how to improve concentration, it starts by avoiding the common pitfalls associated with living in a distracted world.

Step Two: Be in the silence.

Now that you’ve identified what’s shaking your mind, you need to utilize what you’ve discovered. Let’s say you were fortunate enough to leave wherever you were and go to a quiet room. Now you sit down and turn off your phone and notice something. Once you’ve been left to your own devices, your mind is going to become rampant. It wants to do something. Normally, our attention is torn, for this and for that, and now that you’ve decoupled it from the hectic you seem without direction. This is where you can prepare to be focused.

Step Three: Run With It

All those things considered you’re ready to go. Time to improve concentration! Now that you’ve cut out the distractions and realized your new friend silence, you can begin to concentrate. For this step, there are plenty of tools and tricks that make this easier. But, everyone is different. Different so much in fact that prescribing one remedy would only work with one-fourth of the readers. Instead, I’m going to give you three techniques that you can choose on your own to help improve concentration.


Don’t be fooled by the name or the ideas that surround it. Meditation is one of the best ways on how to improve concentration. See Motivation and Mindfulness for more information on where to begin.

Pomodoro Technique

Take twenty minutes to isolate yourself to a task, and then follow that with a five-minute break. Studies have shown this to be the most effective method of focus and release for studying or other performance related work. See these links for more on this:

Build a Habit/Reward System

Now that you have your goal in mind find a way to make it enjoyable. Did you want to workout or write a paper? Reward yourself throughout the process to encourage more persistence and focus. See The Power of Habit for more details on how to shake the negatives.

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