Motivation and productivity often go hand in hand. When you think of any ‘super’ productive worker you assume they have motivation. It becomes second nature to assume that anyone who stays that much on their game is surely motivated about something that much as well.

What’s to Come

This section will be all about helping improve our productivity! Taking the steps to break down each process, habit, phone call, etc. All so everyone will be more equipped to dominate their day, or night (whatever floats your boat).

Where is This Info From?

Besides a personal value, it remains a tenant of this blog to be less story based and more fact foundation. And so, these ideas will come from a slew of informational resources, things like books, blogs, ‘dot edu’s, and more. Having structure and information to back up claims makes for much more valuable content. You know that stuff that you can bring home for dinner, and then not have someone fact check you. Only to find out that not only was this information made up but so were all the facts.

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