Time to Work and the 100’s of Battles for Our Time

Time to Work and the 100’s of Battles for Our Time

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I was sitting down in the library, my usual place for writing and reading, and as I sat there, waiting for the classic ‘inspiration to strike’ moment to flood me, I noticed something. There are far too many distractions. At any given point, there must be at least fifteen different distractions in my way. As if finding the time to work or study wasn’t difficult enough already, I needed more barriers to make it all the more difficult! This golden window of time to work deserves our protection because everything in our lives wants to take it away!

Time to Work is Rare

Let’s start with the first big issue we run into, our allowed time to work on projects is rare! Whether you’re thinking about your hobbies or your job, allotting the time needed to finish it all is especially hard. So, how can you make it happen then? It comes down to a few crucial realizations.

Time to Work is Valuable

You don’t have unlimited time, but you surely know that. Recognizing that the time we have to do the things we dream of doing is scarce. With that, what can be done? Don’t we have countless days, weeks, months, even years of our lives left? If it were that simple, we would have no problem keeping our promises, but it isn’t. Life gets in the way. And for life, we need a plan of attack, one to deal with the onslaught on our time to work.

A Battle of Priorities

Our time to work is all dependent on us. How we structure our schedules, our plans, our lives, depends on us. Hold on, before you discredit this, and think “my schedule is impossible! I have [kid 1], [kid 2], [dog 13]”, hear me out. It’s possible even for the busiest of us to have breathing room.

Sometimes Our Priorities Aren’t a Priority

As mentioned before, life isn’t simple. That makes our choices even more valuable, and it’s no surprise that often we can’t make the choices we wish we could. We have responsibilities! We still have to work that 9-5, feed the dog, take the kids to soccer practice, or whichever cliche works here! It’s more than understandable that we’re busy people with even busier schedules. So, is it possible to make our dreams happen then, or is all for naught?

Time-Scheduling, Your Saving Grace

Sit down for a minute (if you weren’t already) and think of the last free five-minute block of time you had. Times included are (but not limited to): waiting for traffic, waiting to shower, waiting to catch the train, etc. If you noticed a pattern there it was waiting. We spent quite a large part of the day doing it. Instead of making use of that time, we let it fall into bad habits. We check our phones, our social media accounts, our live’s status update. Instead of using it for what we want to.

What If We Added That Time Together?

Schedule your day! There is tremendous value in slotting out the time you have! Even if you had only six of those waiting periods, that’s thirty minutes. Thirty minutes is more than enough time to read a chapter, practice languages, meditate, and much more.

These Periods Add Up (The Power of Small)

I’m a numbers guy, and I found this to be too good of an opportunity to pass up! If you had this supposed thirty minutes every day what could you do? After only a week, you would have spent over three hours reading! After a month, you could have fifteen hours of painting! Over the course of six months, you have added a real friend! (Source)

Time Matters!

I’m not suggesting you cut out social media (although it would be better), but instead, pay attention to the time you have! No one’s schedule is too busy! Anecdote: I’ve had the pleasure of working with a Top 200 Loan Originator in the United States and even he had time to read and eat lunch! I’ve worked alongside another business owners pushing 80 hour weeks, even he meditated! My point from all of this is with priorities in place and a desire to grow, our schedules are ours.

Time to Work and the 100’s of Battles for Our Time

Side note: I wish this was my library^

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