Patience Is a Virtue – 1 Vital Step to Personal Growth

Patience Is a Virtue – 1 Vital Step to Personal Growth

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Personal development, motivation, success in our lives, personal growth, and so much more all require a level of waiting. The saying, “patience is a virtue” couldn’t be more related to the world of self-improvement. Most of what we want in life, our deepest desires, are difficult to obtain. They are either rare or overdone and they are always a little out of reach. However, that isn’t how we want it to be, and so, we try to make decades of progress (achieving financial freedom) in weeks. In Daily Schedule we saw the value of trusting the process and ourselves. Enough of the negative and my opinions on the matter. Onto the big questions, how is personal growth linked to patience, and what do we have to learn from that old saying “patience is a virtue”?

Opinion of the day: our need to change and achieve so much so quickly is due in part to our ‘immediacy society’. It’s no surprise that we want our personal lives to match this immediacy.

Patience is a Virtue?

Normally when we think of the phrase, we think, ‘the longer we wait, the more we receive what we want’. How true is that? If anything, life has taught us that the opposite is true. Being patient is dealing with the cards we’re dealt with, or so we’re told. I think this couldn’t be farther from the truth, and I’ll show why.

To promote good conversation and growth in these ideas here’s a counterargument to ‘patience is a virtue’. Is Patience Really a Virtue?

Let’s Use Business

How might patience be so much more than passively waiting? In each of the wealthy American examples (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and so on), we are told a story of hardship until success. Their lives required immense patience for their personal growth to bloom. Patience was the underlying factor that allowed them to succeed. I’ll show you.

From the Outside It Looks Easy

If by some luck we could have seen into their lives, what we might have seen would have been a life of somewhat boring dedication. Take Bill Gates, in his 10’s and 20’s he spent countless hours practicing his computer skills. He wasn’t deliberating be patient for Microsoft, but accidentally was crafting the skills needed. Then almost like magic, he found a way to apply his skills and well you know the rest.

Sound familiar to another post? In Grit: the Power of Passion and Perseverance, we’re told that the most successful put in the effort to reach their goals. A tremendous amount I might add because that’s what it takes.

This week’s personal development book (added this Sunday) will talk about Outliers and why work and dedication is only half of the story.

Personal Growth Spawns from Patience

To drive this point home and move on, here’s my claim. Personal growth, you know, our desire to incorporate motivation and inspiration into our life, stems from our ability to wait. To let time pass while as we excitedly prepare ourselves. If we grow our skills, talents, our minds, all in anticipation for that moment then we best prepare for the world.

Need I reference the countless studies linking the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment and long term success? TLDR: kids who waited, won. Curious, read the excerpt here.

Make Everything a Win-Win

Even if our day never comes, or our goal isn’t achieved, have we lost? Would Bill Gates have lost had he not built Microsoft? No! Absolutely not! Why? Bill Gates was practicing his passion. He was, without even realizing it, building the skills necessary to succeed in his life. Patience and personal growth were these tools. Sure, he did end up making it, and you might ask what if he hadn’t, but that’s why it’s crucial to set up a Win-Win scenario. It’s much more important to wait for the right things. Let’s use a real-life example.

Example: On the Road to Being Healthy

You set a goal to lose 5 pounds by the end of the month. Possible, realistic, attainable, this checks off all the goal characteristics. Here are two ways this could play out (assuming you didn’t lose the 5 pounds):

Win-Lose Scenario

The end of the month finally comes and you step on the scale. Anticipation building…and you didn’t make it. Not five pounds, you only lost four. You missed your target and thus failed. You did everything right, you ate healthier, you went to the gym, you even drew up a vision board, but all for nothing because the goal fell flat! You didn’t hit the target for the month and feel ashamed for it. Had you reached five, would it have been different?

Win-Win Scenario

The end of the month rolls in and you bounce onto the scale. The number spins around (or appears, for you fancy people that have a digital scale). Four pounds short. Shame! But, hold on, before you beat yourself up, think back. Although you didn’t hit your intended target, you ask, did you succeed? You did eat healthier; you did stay consistent; you made great progress besides reaching five. These are the wins. Instead of paying attention to the five pounds and thinking “this a loss, I came up short”, you say, “I’ve won!”. You practiced healthier habits and that took dedication! Bravo! Had you reached five, would it have been different?

See My Point?

A Win-Win scenario protects you from feeling down on yourself. You can set up your life to follow the same ideas. When you combine personal growth and ‘patience is a virtue’ you develop strong habits. You re-enforce your mindset to be Win-Win. When you do that, everything becomes a win. Notice the value in your mistakes and setbacks and every missed opportunity turns into a potential opportunity. That’s the power in waiting for the right things.

Patience Is a Virtue – 1 Vital Step to Personal Growth

I Leave You with This

Keep motivated. Maintain your focus; life doesn’t just happen. Everything worth your time takes some of it. Remember always to maintain what’s true to you and pursue your goals! Keep in mind, that personal development takes time and your personal growth is no different.

Thanks for Reading! 650 Followers

This topic helped me to question a lot of my impressions about personal growth, patience, and whether or not I’m wasting my time! If you thought that I was too quick to assume the value in anything mentioned, please disagree down below! Otherwise, thanks for reading! As I’m getting ready to release this post I’m approaching 650 followers, and couldn’t be happier! For those who have read more than one post and have seen this blog grow, thank you for your dedication and support!

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  1. Yes personal Development is very important. Everything starts in the mind and how you think. I def agree with having patience ❤️ Love your post thanks for sharing

  2. Good motivation. I think patient is the outcome of a virtue, not the virtue itself. The virtue which produces patient is satisfaction. If I am satisfied with what I have, I will not be anxious to seek for more or greater return for my effort; I will not feel suffer (such as greed, envy or jealous). I will simply wait for the fruits to bear, and not feel anxious for the outcome.

    1. Is it fair to assume each of us could hold this virtue? Representing a perfect example of our self-control can cause an improved condition. To some degree, that’s all patience is, but, can we conclude that these conditions belong to all (i.e. the not virtuous) and not only the most virtuous of us? I’d contend such a outcome could stem from satisfication, but the general condition would not and therefore isn’t justifiably limited to it.

      Thank you for your comment!


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