Let’s Take the Time to Grow

Personal growth is something we need to look at and study. It’s a necessary component to making the best life we can live. It goes hand in hand with motivation and is a topic often left out. Planning out the best self-improvement techniques and designing our perfect lifestyles are more than just enjoyable practices, they’re incredibly helpful!

What You Should Expect

Great books, ideas, and mentions of course! This section is going to be dedicated to posts that allow for a better lifestyle. In intrinsic motivation, my emphasis was on a budding internal motivation; building foundations of a growth mindset. In personal growth, we want to look at that same motivation from an alternate perspective; one that takes into account what life could be and how to best achieve it.

Apply What’s Learned

Personal growth will tackle common notions and ask the reader, you, to take on different aspects of your life. The posts will hope to improve that process.

Personal Growth is Inspiring

If all goes well, you should find this to be inspiring! Personal growth should be something that you feel proud to dedicate your precious time to. As you’ll come to see if you give it your attention, it is! But don’t take my word for it. As is the case with many other posts, I’ll try to mention great minds who used the same tools expressed here.

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Personal Growth

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