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Domincusation – The Actions for Mastering Your Motives

Seem to be a complicated word? Good because it’s made up! The word takes the roots of domin – master, cus – motive, and ation – action, to try and capture a feeling. That feeling comes from the fact that motivation takes quite a bit out of us. To help understand motivation (even master it), I’ve set out to explore all of the facets for you! What you’ll find in all of the posts is that Domincusation is more than a comprehensive guide, it is designed to help you win the day! Let’s master what motivates you together, and build a community in the process!


What Motivates You?

The pursuit of this blog, and hopefully every post in it, is to utilize and master the motivation found inside everyone. I believe this is possible through improved understanding and a dedication to better oneself. We are taking the time to learn from the world around us and using that information to make the best approach for personal growth.

What Should You Expect From Every Post?

Hopefully, you’ll find my writing interesting, even fun! To me, motivation is fun. Seeing how people conclude that “today’s the day” drives everything that I do. Each post will be written from a “what can we learn” perspective. I’m a large pusher for the idea that we can always grow. I see life as our canvas, and with motivation, we paint what we want to see! If I’m successful, then this blog will help you redesign your world using the tools you already possess and some of the new ones you learn along the way. It aims to help promote growth and strive to learn more.

Why Read Domincusation?

The million dollar blog question, why does this blog differ? Why should you give this a ‘gander’ and not the 1,000’s, if not 10’s of 1,000’s of other motivation blogs? Don’t take my word for it! Look to the more than 1000 other followers! I’ve spent well over 1000 hours crafting what I have here, and with each post, I stand closer to understanding the wealth of knowledge on this topic. You should read Domincusation not for me, or the other 1000 people, but because in the end, it will help you most of all.

FYI: People love to brag about themselves and love even more when people recognize them for it, you won’t find that here. I only reference my followers to show some validation.

To be Transparent

I want to take this blog and make it a domain to foster the growth for everyone. A blog that stands to talk about motivation, to promote development, and to encourage positivity. It’s on its way to do just that! Already having seen 500 comments, people find this helpful! Fantastic! Everyone deserves to grow, and I want to help them learn how to do so. Domincusation is trying to make this possible using the ‘truths’ that already pre-exist. You decide if it fits you.

Domincusation’s Core

Lastly, and most importantly, this blog rests on the notion that through the help of others, the persistence to make a change, and the positivity to realize this value, that anyone has the potential to make a tremendous change in their life. Each person has to set their path, but I believe that this growth stems from dedication. Our growth stems from commitment and a realization that our motivation is under our control. Finding out what motivates you allows for that growth.

Personal Comment

I want to look back on every post for support, a way for me to learn and improve myself. I need help creating a community that allows for that. Join the newly motivated and help expand these posts to make a better message!

Always tell me how to better this community, this blog grows through you (the reader) not anyone else.

Thanks for Reading!

I hope this helps! Please spread the word, tell me how to better myself and the blog, and always, have a great day!

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