How to Stop Being Lazy with 5 Fantastic Habits

How to Stop Being Lazy with 5 Fantastic Habits

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Laziness plagues us all. It exists throughout our daily routines, our lifestyles, and even our culture. It’s more than an restriction because it represents what many of us find comfortable. How to stop being lazy is less about improving our intrinsic motivation or developing stricter routines, but instead (and this is where the problem lies) by recognizing our patterns and overcoming the inevitable letdowns. And so, what are these patterns, how can you locate them, and how can you overcome them? Incorporate these 5 habits and you’ll see.

How to Stop Being Lazy with 5 Tools

1. Be Honest

Why does this matter? Often laziness is nothing more than a lack of clarity. Being upfront with ourselves about our routines is more than the ‘right’ thing to do, it represents the path to bettering ourselves. When you lack the drive to do anything, what you’ll soon begin to notice is that this type of work ethic is loosely based not on our efforts, but rather on our visions. We need to be clear about how we live our life in order to improve it.

Once You’re Honest, Your Path is Cleared

If you do manage to carve out your patterns and why you’re acting the way you are. You move one large step closer to ridding yourself of the negativity. How to stop being lazy through honesty is one part clarity and one part direction. Honesty leads very well into the next essential lifestyle choice, being forgiving.

2. Be Forgiving (to Yourself)

Be forgiving? That seems odd paired with laziness. Wouldn’t being stern brew more results? Almost counter-intuitively, no, it won’t. Once you start to incorporate more honesty into your lifestyle, you’ll realize that you could have been better. You could have more persistence, you could spend longer periods working, you could… and that’s where you’ve missed this supposed mark. It’s a mental setback.

Support Your Growth through Acceptance

Now that you’ve realized there is always more to do, appreciate what you’ve done. Give yourself a much-needed break, be honest. Take a breather, practice meditation. If you want to learn how to stop being lazy, it starts with accepting your path as it is and preparing to move forward. Not only is this more mindful, but it’s more productive.

3. Be Interested

What is that you’re doing, or maybe you should? Is it something you detest, something that’s just there, or maybe your favorite thing to do? Promoting interest and a desire to do is crucial but is it much easier said than done. How does one build interest? Optimism is a good place to start. Although occasionally difficult, positivity should be injected into our work. Promoting the good makes our task much, much easier to do.

Interest is Hard Sometimes

I get it, sometimes you really don’t like what you’re doing. Homework can be awful, cleaning tiring, or reading boring. But, one of the best ways to stop being unmotivated is by encouraging this interest. So, take a minute. Breathe it in, and grit your teeth until you fall into it. Otherwise the road is one tough path.

How to Stop Being Lazy with 5 Fantastic Habits
Take Plenty of Coffee Breaks!

While you can check out this helpful link for more tips, Top 3 Ways to Beat Procrastination. Or by checking out this interest animation, How to Overcome Procrastination.

4. Be Committed

If at this point, you’re utilizing two of the previous three then you’re in great standing. Now, being committed is almost exclusively for longer projects. But, for those pesky habits that seem to always remain part of your life, being committed can save the day. I’ve already shown the incredible value in commitment (Grit) but that doesn’t mean attaching the ideas are as simple as 1-2-3.

Commitment Stems from Honest and Interest

Combine the previous tools. Learning how to stop being lazy is nothing more than a battle of priorities. What matters more? Do you care more about your work than this nap, should you? If you don’t, then it’s no surprise that the work is wasteful or impossible to implement. Be real with yourself and the consequences of your actions, then take that interest and make it work for you.

5. Be Patient

And last, but certainly not least, be patient. Developing motivation, developing grit, and developing passion takes time. Often, it takes much more than we think. That’s alright. Be honest consistently, be forgiving earnestly, be interested genuinely, and be committed intensely and soon goals as large as any will be marked off your list.

Closing it Out

You now know how to stop being lazy, use all the tools you’ve learned here to make it happen!

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  1. Having young kids, we are often too tired to do very much at all, is that lazy ?!? Hmmm. Then when we have energy, the sheer tasks overwhelm even the keenest day of ‘get-up-and-go’ !

    But we do our best. If you’ve not got kids, you have very few excuses……you can be laid back, but not that lazy !

    Before kids, I had so much free time, goodness knows what I did with it all……………

    Lovely thought provoking article – thank you

  2. The easiest way to solve a problem is recognizing there is one… The sad thing is most individuals do not want to recognize there is a problem… Or even worse they do not want to change the way they think.

    Anyway congratulations on reaching the big 400+ followers … Keep the good work up!

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