Personal P.A.L. (Intrinsic Motivation)

Personal P.A.L. (Intrinsic Motivation)

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You Know You Need it When…

Your motivation is lacking! You woke up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like you need a boost. Or even, when you’ve had a bad day, one that never seemed to end, and ran down all your reserves. If I had a day like that, I’d run to my friend, my P.A.L.

What’s a P.A.L.? Intrinsic Motivation?

The Positive Affirmations List, (i.e. P.A.L.) is your motivation back-up tool. When your motivation is suffering you reach for your P.A.L. It is one of the many ways to make for a better day by first improving your intrinsic motivation. One of my favorite pick-me-ups, writing your own P.A.L. can make any day even a little bit driven. The P.A.L. is a list of your recent accomplishments, and it’s meant to simplify what you’ve done for easy recognition.

How Do You Make it Work?

Start small, start simple: go back one week. Look at that blank sheet of paper and imagine what makes you feel proud. Now, write down what you’ve accomplished, what makes you feel good. Sketch down all of those projects that took too long to complete. But man! Weren’t you happy to have finished them? Write down only the positives and start with one week.

Does it Look Helpful?

Did you finish? Now, stop, look at what you’ve done, what do you see. A small list with some accomplishments? So what, right? I mean, “pff how much does it matter they’re on paper now?”. But stop, don’t that negativity win once more! Notice the fact that you’ve done all of that. Did you notice them all before? Maybe, maybe not, notice them now. Even throughout this bad day, one that tore down your defenses called your hand and won, you succeeded in the past. Even if small, you made progress throughout it all. Pay attention to that, be aware of your successes. Remind yourself that you’re the same person who has done it all before!

For Even More of a Punch

If for some reason that didn’t knock your socks clean off, consider trying it again, this time longer, this time go back a month or a year. The farther you go the more accomplishments you’ll rack up. The accomplishments are now more note-worthy, more difficult after you’re done look at that list. The longer back you look, the more powerful they become. Each of those accomplishments required more effort and time.

Whenever you have a bad day, stop and take a minute, grab your P.A.L.

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