Intrinsic Motivation Grows with 1 Strong M.R.R.

Intrinsic Motivation Grows with 1 Strong M.R.R.

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Ever sit down after a long day of work and feel exhausted? Tired from being so committed and focused? Deep down, you want to go and workout or read that book, but it feels so hard to muster that motivation. As we’ve seen, intrinsic motivation is a finicky pursuit. Even harder is admitting that we need a break from all of it. But it happens! Motivation like any other mood comes in swings, and sometimes we need to set aside time to cultivate more of it! And what’s the best way to do that? The Motivational Recovery Room or M.R.R.

M.R.R.? Intrinsic Motivation?

It’s your mental return point. It’s more imagination than it is reality. That’s why it is best to think of the M.R.R. as a place that you’ve designed and tailored to your needs. Creating this room is about choosing a place where you feel strongest. If you’ve ever had a panic attack you have been told the phrase, “find your happy place.” It’s where you go to calm down and to remind yourself that it will be all okay, that the panic will subside. Your motivational recovery or M.R.R. is no different! All you need to do is combine intrinsic motivation and precision to make fantastic results!

Build Intrinsic Motivation

Before we get into great design techniques, we must first understand what our M.R.R. wants to achieve. The M.R.R. rests on the principle that if you can dream it, then you can build it. A classic idea that has been thrown around every sort of text out there. My inspiration for this post comes mostly from Psycho-Cybernetics. Pyscho-Cybernetics talks about building a vision of what you hope to achieve and setting out the plans to do it. Although Pyscho-Cybernetics is more about the underside of goal-setting, we can still learn a lot from the ideas. Once we have the right mindset in place, practicing, improving, and achieving is a straight-forward process.

F.Y.I. – The underside of goal-setting is how our minds structure thoughts. In the book, to make strides in your goals and life, you had to believe that your actions were genuine and positive.

Intrinsic Motivation vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Often what we feel is powerful or inspiring doesn’t apply to us. The profound often only feels like it when we’re ready. And so, for you to capture your intrinsic motivation, you’ll have to separate the other noise. To actually get down and see why you’re working, you’ll have to split intrinsic and extrinsic goals. Do this by asking questions. Who inspires you in your life? Why do they add value to your goals? Stepping back and analyzing who and what makes you tick will help you build your best M.R.R.

Design Your M.R.R.

Maybe you’ve decided to give this a shot, and make your room? Ready to prep your mind and make daily motivation come alive? The first things we faced on the path to M.R.R. were what drives our goals. Our intrinsic motivations have so much power that to ignore them would be a grave mistake. We can take what we’ve discovered and apply it to the mental designs we’ve created. When designing your M.R.R., you’ll have to recognize your motivations and utilize them. In Mental Tidying and Motivation and Mindfulness, it was essential to assign places for all those tasks and hectic thoughts. In your M.R.R. you’re going to the do the same thing but with a small tweak.

Imagine the Room

Picture the walls, see the colors. Practice creating and re-creating where you’ll feel most inspired. This part is crucial. Imagining each detail over and over with increased precision makes for a better M.R.R.! Just saying or drawing a blank canvas won’t make you inspired, you have to believe in the message! The effectiveness of M.R.R. rests on the idea that you can create those positive feelings. So, spending the extra ten to fifteen minutes to imagine each detail makes it more impactful! Take Full Measure!

The M.R.R.’s Take-Aways

When you combine the tools you’ve learned from other posts, like Mental Tidying, you allow for a better understanding of yourself. The more you recognize your intrinsic motivations, the more you can improve your directions. Applying all of this to envisioning a room makes for an incredible advantage if you’re mood goes sour.

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