Motivation to Study, 1 Ultimate Technique

Motivation to Study, 1 Ultimate Technique

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If you’re reading this, most likely your motivation to study has slipped through your fingers. You probably feel as if inspiration is some myth, left for those who have good grades already. Those greedy…! You might even think motivation is that odd, unexplainable force that got them there in the first place. News flash, maybe, just maybe, it’s not. Maybe that motivation to study is available to you as well. Crazy right? Little patronizing, possibly. Here is one of the best ways to set a goal and how to keep it. Let’s begin, shall we?

Our Motivation to Study…

Curating your inspiration to allow for a perfect 9-hour study session…isn’t real. 99 times out of 100, 8-hour sessions are beyond painful. Our expectations are where people fail to achieve their goals. So often, we find ourselves being our hardest critics. We demand the world of ourselves. Sadly, that’s the complete opposite of mindfulness, as Motivation and Mindfulness says. Be in the moment! Otherwise, it goes down something like this, “I want to study all day. I can ace this test!” On the surface, it seems helpful, even healthy, but it’s not and here’s why.

For those 1 out of 100, that set out plans to study all day and then do, props. That level of dedication and persistence is noteworthy.

Expectations Can be Our Enemy

If we’re not especially careful, we end up punishing our choices. We set goals so high that not even the best of us could achieve them. And, when we fail…which we all do, we crash down hard. But don’t judge yourself too hard, that is more than understandable; it’s easier to do that. It feels GREAT to even for a second imagine that we’re crushing our goals. But what if we had the motivation to study for 8 hours! Instead of shooting for the sky, what if we started small?

Need Motivation to Study?

Start small! Motivation is momentum! In Attention to Detail, I talked about the importance of tiny actions. Each small choice ends up having an even larger impact, and motivation is no different. If you’re looking for the key to unlock all your motivation potential, try to realize that it’s taking small steps! Be shy with your routine and your results will be easy, and most of all your goals will be what you expected.

Building Speed

Why small, why not shoot for the moon; that’s where the rewards are, right? Not always. Apply compound interest to our lives, and you’ll notice small wins matter. As well, people are fragile, especially when it comes to their mood and inspiration. When you set insignificant goals, you notice significant results. Don’t try only to make big wins; look for tiny ones. Once you do this, you’ll notice that momentum kicks in and then it all falls into place.

The Domino Effect

You have two goals to choose from, which sounds better? Goal One, 5 hours of studying. Big rewards…even bigger requirements. Goal Two, 5 minutes of studying. Now I know what you must be thinking. So what if you do 5 minutes, that’s not effective. You’re right. If you practice for 5 hours, you’ll see results, but that isn’t the case if you only do 5 minutes. But, imagine this, which is more anxiety causing? Which path seems not only harder to finish but harder to start? Support your practice, pick the easier path and overachieve!

The First Step

Motivation to Study, 1 Ultimate Technique

It goes without saying that if you already are studying, it’s much easier to continue. That first step is often the hardest. It’s where procrastination lives and controls us. Don’t allow your motivation to study to be stuck on this daunting, terrifying 5-hour block. Instead, start small, set up an easy win and build from there.

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