Intrinsic Motivation and Budding Mindfulness

Intrinsic Motivation and Budding Mindfulness

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The pinnacles of self-improvement and self-awareness. How does intrinsic motivation pair with mindfulness to create a more conscious world? This post stands to draw a connection between the two. As well, it will show that with the improvement in one you better the other. The smallest differences can make the most substantial changes; meditation is a tremendous example of that philosophy.

Build Intrinsic Motivation with Mindfulness?

First and foremost, what is mindfulness and what does mean to be mindful? Simply put, mindfulness is being present in your world or being ever present of it. The realization that each of the parts that take place around us has their own importance. Mindfulness itself is not an action but instead a description; a description of a place that we should strive to reach.

Why Shoot for Mindfulness?

The more someone understands why being mindful is valuable, the more they take steps to further implement it into their life. As you’ll come to see, being mindful helps every aspect of life. Cultivating this awareness will improve our use of thoughts, decision-making, stress management, conflict resolution, planning, creativity, and so much more. Improving mindfulness is the best meta-skill that there is.

F.Y.I.- A meta-skill or meta-habit being one which influences many other skills simultaneously. The superman of self-improvement. Seriously.

How to Reach More Mindfulness

That leaves us—hopefully—with a drive to make this part of our lives. If that’s the case, what’s the best way to incorporate mindfulness into your life? The best way is to first understand the groundwork for mindfulness. The principles of awareness are as important as any other. As I go onto to show briefly later, these principles are demonstrated throughout each and every part of life. Being ‘aware’ of what is happening in the present means so much more than just recognizing the breath. But, at the same time, incorporating and developing this skill is just as simple taking one breath. But, as you might guess, being more aware all the time is difficult. It’s confusingly simple and not simultaneously. It isn’t as simple as just making it happen. If that were the case, reading this post would immediately make all of us the Buddha! We’re not.

How to be More Mindful (Simplified)

What can someone do to improve their mindfulness first, and then transfer those benefits to their motivation? If we could do that then motivation would latch easily with mindfulness. Mindfulness like anything else in life grows with practice. Improving Mindfulness is as easy as 1-2-Meditate! Meditation is often thought of as this complicated or even distant task that only the already mindful can do. But, this just isn’t the case! Instead, meditation, like any other practice, varies greatly with skill. Meditation can be done by everyone and can be picked up wherever! (But you should make sure to check your surroundings first) Meditation, as anyone would come to find, requires very little knowledge to begin but instead a little dedication. It really is as inviting as I’m describing.

Meditate! Meditate! Mediate!

Although many, many sources outside of this blog accomplish this goal much better (as that’s their purpose!), it doesn’t hurt to describe a quick meditation technique. First, sit and be comfortable, either on the ground, in a chair, or by lying in bed. Although this is by no means necessary, it makes the process of meditating and focusing more seamless and repeatable. After a comfortable position has been taken, direct your thoughts to a point. If that seems too convoluted, imagine one idea in your head.

F.Y.I. – The goal of this practice is not to completely eradicate thoughts as they appear, but instead, to keep returning to the breath or your idea; to return continuously to the ins and outs of your breathing.

If you’re interest in more meditation practices try these links or the top three in google for “meditation practice”:

You’re going to Slip Up

Failure is inevitable, as one continues to think of thought after thought, they evidently forgot the breath. People mess up, especially when trying new or unfamiliar things. It happens! But, what makes any meditator improve and continue to learn is their ability to continually remind themselves that this is the process. When you realize it has been lost and return to the breath, you have succeeded. That’s it! That’s the beauty of the practice, and as you get better in meditation, you realize more and more that you were always worse.

Motivation and Mindfulness?

Often when people think of motivation, they think of a force that makes it easier to stay dedicated to their goals. Almost like expecting there to be a sudden drive throughout will power. A boost of your capacity to commit that allows for the ability to stay directed easily. This direction, the ability to be driven steadfast towards any goal stems from the ability to be in the present. This present awareness accomplishes that goal and so much more. When broken down into the components, it seems more natural.

Bringing it Together

As mindfulness is improved and incorporated into the day-to-day, you’ll find that motivation will improve. That sudden drive to stay attached to goals more seamlessly will increase. Either that or the feeling to stop avoiding your responsibilities will fade. Why do I say this with such confidence? Sarcasm intended. Besides the evidence that shows that meditation improves focused attention, overcomes procrastination, improves emotional control, and so on. It is easy to say with certainty that mindfulness alongside meditation makes for an unstoppable duo. This tag team is one that continuously grows off itself.

For other posts on perseverance or dedication check out Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance and Full Measure!

If you liked this or any of my other content, please support my blog! I would love to hear your input and comments after reading this, help me create a better motivational resource. Happy Thursday!

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