One Idea

If there is any re-occurring principle in Domincusation, it must be that motivation is seamlessly incorporated when understood. If not, then wasted effort and confusing actions can easily dictate life, and all goals remain distant hopes. One of the best tools at your disposable—against the forces of procrastination—is our minds and how we use it.

How to Get That Edge

Understanding the mind—and the psychology which dictates it— can make for that crucial advantage needed to succeed. Psychology is a powerful tool in our kit, but, if not investigated it remains useless. Better utilizing our psychology makes for lighter work, and that is what this section will set out to do.

Our Intrinsic Motivation

Taking experience and research from psychology and applying it to motivation, we find our intrinsic motivations. Our intrinsic motivations, those reasons we decide to get up so early, dictate our lives. They make our choices, draft up our goals, and paint our dreams. Intrinsic motivation is more than just our drive towards something, it’s arguably what makes us who we are.


My favorite—and one of the more mentioned—subconscious processes are habits and how they influence nearly every aspect. Learning about the framework of ourselves is a fantastic way to improve our understanding.


Psychology is a diverse and incredibly useful field in science; one which helps professionals direct and assist those in need. On top of that, psychology helps improve many areas. With this field, you can learn to improve your life through your mind.

For More Intrinsic Motivation!

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