What Motivates You

Improve What Motivates You Now, Domincusation.

Domincusation is more than a comprehensive guide. It is a structured blog built around understanding what motivates you. Taking the roots of domin – master, cus – motive, and ation – action, to make a word that tries to capture this feeling. Hopefully, the word represents the motivated community and their underlying drive.

What Motivates You?

The pursuit of this blog, and hopefully every post in it, is to utilize and master the motivation found inside everyone. I believe this is possible through improved understanding and a dedication to better oneself. Taking the time to learn from the world around us and using that information to make the best approach for personal growth.

What Should You Expect?

Throughout this blog, you will find everything on motivation! Hopefully, you’ll find my writing interesting at best and sub-par at worst. Each post will be written from a “what can we learn” approach. This “What is Domincusation” is a good example of how serious of a writer I am and my preferred tone. (I might stray a bit, throw in some humor every once in a while) If it’s successful, then this blog will help you redesign your world using the tools you already possess and some you learn along the way. It aims to help promote growth and a strive to learn more.

A Lot to Accomplish

This blog plans to grow a community around these topics. By improving group understanding and communication, motivation will become more accessible for everyone. Plan of attack? Describe the components and demonstrate how individual efforts and an ongoing analysis can make progress, or more importantly improvement, possible.

Why Read Domincusation?

The million dollar blog question, why does this blog differ? Why should you give this a ‘gander’ and not the 1,000’s, if not 10’s of 1,000’s of other motivation blogs? (Because frankly, there are so many other websites dedicated to this topic already.) Simple answer, this blog isn’t about me. On top of that, this blog stands alone is how it structures its information. This blog won’t rest on an emotional appeal, but instead on its word. (And especially the word of others who are more eloquent and knowledgeable).

A Little Rant Here

Unlike other sources, I don’t find it helpful to convince you to be successful using my own experiences or stories. Instead, I would much rather use knowledge present throughout the world already. Whether it is from books read, like Meditations by Marcus Aurelius or hundreds of others, we stand to learn together. I find telling you “be like me, I have [this] or [that]” to be arrogant. The “I’ve made it, you can too” approach is frustrating and braggadocious. This mentality is an arrogant undercut to a wonderful community.

TLDR: People love to brag about themselves and love even more when people recognize them for it, you won’t find that here.

The Intent

I hope to do just the opposite; I want to take this blog and make it a domain to foster the growth for everyone. A blog that stands to talk about motivation, to promote development, and to encourage positivity. Everyone deserves to grow themselves and to learn how to do so. Domincusation is trying to make this possible using the ‘truths’ that already pre-exist. You decide if it fits you. With the help of comments and the writings of others, Domincusation can become a helpful source to improve our knowledge.

What’s Inside?

If my 300-word reproach dissuaded you or wasn’t enough to entice you, then instead mentioning all of my other content might. (Believe me, I don’t rant on here often, but it’s important to show why I’m dedicated to this!) Such content like a weekly motivation book, or a weekly Thursday motivation technique. I’ll be covering topics like intrinsic motivation, mindfulness practices, productivity, lifestyle, communication skills, and much more.

The Goal of Diversity

Each topic has a different goal that is inline for creating a more balanced, person. After reading, you might find it easier to clean the garage or start your year-long project. Finally, you know how to do it! It’s exciting to help support a lifestyle which creates value in the world. That’s the beauty in helping others realize they could all along. It shows how motivation applies to so many areas of life. So, instead of placing all eggs in one basket, it is very valuable to branch out. To improve more of our mindset, to learn how to control time better, understand finances, etc. All of this together makes for a better person, but without the incorporation of so many other aspects, you miss out on why motivation works so well.

Domincusation’s Core

Lastly, and most importantly, this blog rests on the notion that through the help of others, the persistence to make a change, and the positivity to realize this value, that anyone has the potential to make a change in their life. Each person has to set their path, but I believe that this growth stems from dedication. Our growth stems from dedication and a realization that our motivation is under our control. Finding out what motivates you allow for that growth.

Personal Comment

I want to look back on every post for support, a way for me to learn and improve myself. I need help creating a community that allows for that.

Always tell me how to be better and how to better this community, this blog grows through you (the reader) not anyone else.

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